Corporate/Commercial Litigation

Our lawyers represent and advise Canadian and international clients in their business and commercial disputes arising in British Columbia or in foreign jurisdictions.  These include contractual, shareholder and partnership, franchise, real property, leasing, and cross-border disputes.  We have developed an expertise in fraud and negligence claims, including all related injunctive relief.

Our lawyers focus on the issue at hand, taking a common sense and flexible approach that is based upon an ongoing analysis of each particular case.

Real Property Litigation

Forrester & Company regularly acts for investors, vendors and purchasers, and developers in real property disputes.  These disputes may pertain to the purchase and sale of property, landlord and tenant leasing agreements, and management of land development or investment.  The effective and early resolution of these claims often involves interim steps, and our lawyers regularly apply for preservation orders, liens, caveats and other forms of security.

Fraud Litigation

We have represented many individuals and businesses involved in land investment fraud, securities fraud, real estate fraud, mortgage fraud, fraudulent conveyances, employee theft and dishonesty.  We have been very successful in tracing and recovering money and property for our clients in fraud proceedings, both inside and outside of British Columbia.  Using diligent, detail oriented and creative methods, we have acted on behalf of various clients to trace and freeze millions of dollars in assets.

It is overly simplistic and usually incorrect to assume that money lost to a fraudster is not worth trying to recover.  Proceeds of fraud most often are traceable, and the British Columbia Courts consistently grant appropriate relief where there is a strong initial case of fraud. 

Mareva Orders and Other Injunctive Relief

Injunctive relief can take many forms, including prohibitive injunctions, mandatory injunctions, Anton Pillar orders and Mareva injunctions. Our lawyers provide our clients with cost-effective, timely and practical solutions to their disputes. We have therefore developed an expertise in all forms of injunctive relief, specifically with Mareva orders.

A list of representative cases involving Mareva orders and other injunctive relief can be found here

Other Commercial Litigation

Forrester & Company acts in all areas of commercial and related litigation.  In addition to its expertise in corporate/commercial, real property, and fraud litigation, our lawyers have experience in the following areas:

  • Creditor’s Remedies for Recovery of Debt and Judgments
  • Shareholders’ Disputes
  • Disputes arising from the Purchase of a Business
  • Jurisdictional and Conflict of Laws Disputes
  • Defamation Claims
  • Breach of Restrictive Covenants (non-compete clauses, trade secrets, non-solicitation agreements, confidentiality agreements)
  • Employment Litigation
  • Securities Litigation
  • Franchise Litigation
  • Regulatory proceedings
  • Transportation Litigation
  • Insolvency