About Us

Forrester & Company- Barristers, is a commercial litigation firm in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

We are known to provide the highest quality litigation services to our clients and effectively resolve conflict pertaining to disputes over business and property.

We represent clients located in British Columbia, as well as nationally and internationally, in litigation matters before the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the British Columbia Court of Appeal. Forrester and Company limits its practice to civil litigation and has developed a reputation in Vancouver as proficient litigators in the areas of business litigation, with an emphasis upon injunctive relief, real property disputes, fraud and creditor’s remedies and jurisdictional issues. Please visit review our expertise for a more detailed description of our areas of litigation practice, or simply contact us for further inquiry.


Information is the engine of complex commercial litigation.  Our job is to transform your case to simple from complex and from confusing to persuasive.  As progressive litigators, we employ the latest technologies to obtain client information and keep it organized and secure, but accessible to you and your legal team.  We counter pressure with precision, and compellingly respond to the evidence of opposing litigants.  Our clients also appreciate the corresponding reduction in time and expense when we choose modern over antiquated methods.